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Wonderfulness at it's finest!




"Her grades are falling behind and she's been very angry lately, she's always ignoring us and she keeps pushing away people who are trying to help her. Why can't she be more like her sisters?"
Feral: I'm weak... I'm scared...I'm nothing if I'm not strong...

Predator: Maybe I was right to believe that no one would care about a creature like me.

Anti: I'm not good enough...

Reign: I don't need you! I don't need anyone! I can do this myself, I don't need help!

Mono: There's no point in anything anymore...Why do I even try?

Sinnis: Give me one good reason why I should care about what happens to you? You're just another human, the same as the rest.

Fuse: It's your fault. It's always been your fault.

You're weak.
The Executioner's (in order) are; Feral (1st male and the main issue of the story) Predator (2nd male), Anti (3rd male and main Executioner), Reign (4th and first female Executioner), Mono (5th and weird half female and half male prototype) Sinnis (6th male) and Fuse (7th male)

In all honesty the only reason I post these things is to help me remember who is who and what is what.
Oh hey, 100 watchers. We've been stuck at 99 for the past two months but it's good to know we'll get stuck at 100 for the next couple of months as well. Thank you to everyone who has watched me and has kept with me for this long, I appreciate it highly.
Why the fuck do I even bother at this point?
Alright, I said awhile ago that there were only Three Executioner's,
(1) Feral, (2) Predator, and (3) Anti. I lied. There are actually seven.
(4) Chainlink and the other three are unnamed. If any of you would like to name one of the unnamed Executioner's, you're welcomed, I'm out of ideas right now.
I can try and I can fight but how much of it will really matter when it comes down to the good I've done?

Spring had come early; pale sunlight fluttered gently down from the sky and a lit the bright leaves of the canopy aflame. A soft breeze bellowed by, surrounding the twin figures as they walked side by side along the warmed pavement.

The two shared a striking resemblance, but while they looked alike they were far different from any living creature. Their bodies were lean and thin, their heads bore horns that spiraled upward. But their most noticeable feature wasn’t their whipping leather like tails or their black scaled dragon legs, nor was it their hair which was a silky white; but it was their eyes.

The older of the two, plenty taller than the younger had piercing ice blue irises and gray slit like pupils; the whites of his eyes having turned a shade maroon from experiments performed upon him over time. He appeared to be enjoying the walk, but behind his eyes if one looked hard enough they could see a flicker of disappointment.

However, the younger appeared very lighthearted and delighted for the smile that stretched upon his pale gray face didn’t falter in the slightest. His almost impossible bright green eyes glowed with excitement and he almost seemed like he was about to burst as he chatted with his brother.

The brother blinked slowly down at his kin as he spoke oh so wonderfully about the joys of of his school and the older listened. He held his head high and spoke confidently despite the dark circles beneath his crystalline blue eyes and the slight limp in his walk.

He had done everything for his brother, he argued for him, he fought for him,and he even killed for him… but after 11 years all of it had been for nothing for the scene playing out currently was a simple light hearted memory. His brother had been dead for two years; it’s unbelievable how quickly someone could put a bullet in a 13 year old’s skull.

He had been overcome with so much misery that he had eventually stopped being able to feel any other emotion besides a deep burning sense of rage. That rage burned through him, hollowing him until he felt nothing but emptiness. Despite his family's’ desperate attempts to make him smile again he found himself unable to.

He pushed everything he had away from him; he kept to himself and fulfilled his role as Executioner. Whenever he was assigned a Charge, it gave him something else to focus on that wasn’t his brothers smiling face. He found no thrill in what he did, he just felt empty.

He felt no pain, no sadness, just anger.

His rage was his fuel,

And he was never out of that fuel.

But then, something new happened. He met him, a literal angel. A handsome young man with chocolate brown hair and deep ebony eyes that burned holes through the Executioner’s hate laced demeanor. This angel had dark brown and red streaked feathered wings and wore a cracked halo with pride. This angel wasn’t like the other angels; a cracked halo meant that he was a sinner that has done wrong to the Council of Angels and received a splintered halo as punishment.

He was kind to him, as they visited each other each night he slowly tore down his walls and the Executioner opened up to him and Vice Versa. He soon found out why the angel was considered a sinner. The angel had a sexuality preference that was a major sin and could even get him thrown from Heaven. But, after two months the angel realized that being thrown from Heaven would be worth the risk if he could make his lover happy again.


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"There are over 10 different types of Ramen Noodles, yet they all taste like loneliness."

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