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Art! Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful ART!


*Doing Commissions*
Five Night's at WTF- Complete by AlexandraInsanity
Meeka and Wingless by AlexandraInsanity
Finished- A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing- Tony by AlexandraInsanity
One Commission for ten points.



This song deserves more credit than it's given-

"We're in this together whether you like it or not."

"Fine, just don't fuck up."

"Can you not be an asshole for once and just listen to me?"

"What's the point in listening if you don't want to SEE what's in front of you? Answer me that Dark."


"Oh, so when I snap back you don't want to say anything? Is that it?"


"Just as I thought. You changed more than you want to let on, didn't you?"

"Anti, lets not do this shit again..."

"Look, you go your way and I'll go mine jackass! I'm done arguing with you over the stupidest shit!"

"Wa-wait! Where the Hell are you going?"

"Away from you and back to the Void."

"Anti! Don't be like that!"

"Call me when you actually need me..."


"Goodbye, Edward."
Fite Me by AlexandraInsanity
Fite Me
Does this look like the face of Mercy?

I'm so going to Hell.
I'll meet you guys there! I'm baking cookies & Shit!

*I was suppose to explain why Sean murdered people in this chapter, but I had to much fun writing Mark's POV...I'm sorry, I'll explain it next chapter. My bad!*

Love Gone up In Flames,
Chapter Four,
"No matter what you do, I'll still be there for you."

Mark’s POV

It was a pain in the ass to sneak Sean out of sight of my fellow officers.

They’d taken off after me when I gave him a chase and the blood trail he left behind on the leaves he brushed against didn’t exactly help. But we had managed to make our way around them, avoiding the flashing lights and ignoring the shouts of my name.

Sean was not looking good at all.

His face was paler than normal and his eyes were feverishly bright. Great, he might be both sick and really badly injured.  

This is not going to end well for either of us if we get caught.

I’ll lose my job for helping a serial killer and Sean will probably lose his life for well…Being the serial killer I helped.

But miraculously we managed to get out of dodge and make a break for his car, which was parked a few blocks away from the current residence house in an abandoned parking lot next to some run down store.

 Good thinking...

Either way, Sean was leaning on me half of the time we were making our way back. He was NOT looking good at all. The wound for the most part had crusted over with a brownish red scab, and the blood that was soaking the area around it was starting come off in flakes of reddish brown. When we finally got into the car, which was A BITCH to find because Sean was flickering in and out of consciousness and wouldn’t give me a proper answer.

I helped him into the passenger’s seat and he passed me the keys for the car. He was silent the entire time this happened. I wouldn’t blame him, he looked beat to shit.

 I got in, glancing over my shoulder as I did to make sure nobody saw us. I started the car and put it into reverse; backing out of the parking spot. I glanced in the rear view mirror a couple of times out of pure paranoia that someone had seen us. 

I was a nervous wreck; I was so terrified of my fellow officers finding me and now that I thought about it…

I took my phone and my GPS tracker out and stopped the car for a moment. Sean noticed this and glanced at me just as I dropped the GPS tracker to the floor and repeatedly stepped on it, hissing sounds and sparks flying from the device. He smirked at me as I threw the now crumpled tracking device out of the open window.

I glanced at him and raised a brow; “What?” He turned his attention back to the road, “Nothing. Are we going to your house or mine?” He asked, his voice almost strained. Of course I was curious about his house, but I’d rather not put us both at risk of arrest so I just nodded and fixated my eyes on the road while replying; “My house, they won’t question me being there…” Out of the corner of my eye I saw him nod.

This was going to be awkward; we haven’t talked in almost two years and I’m taking a serial killer back to my house? I really am expecting to get stabbed. But, then again, he had a perfect opportunity to do that earlier when I was hugging him and he had more energy. Why would he do it now when he is as drained as he is? He probably won’t, considering that he just passed out in the passenger’s seat so…


I glanced back at him, yup, he was out of it. It was going to be a bitch to fix his arm to. I went medical engineering before I did police training, so I know what I’m doing but I mean, It’s going to be more of a bitch on his part.

Anyway, my house was in the middle of the woods, almost completely off the grid which was good for doing undercover work. But, I never thought I’d be sheltering a murderer. However, this murderer happened to be my best friend. So, I suppose its “Okay” somewhat anyway...

As I drove up the gravel drive way toward the wood cabin I noticed Sean open his eyes for a split second before drifting off. He wasn’t a heavy sleeper, was he?

I slowed the car to a stop in the driveway and sat back in my seat, turning my attention back to Sean who had his eyes closed again. “Sean, wake up we need to get your wounds looked at.” He opened one of his ice shard like eyes and stared at me, “I’m not asleep, asshole.” I bit my lip and watched him reach for the car door. The moment he stepped foot out of the car, he staggered and fell. I felt panic rise up inside the pit of my stomach and I immediately got out, making my way around the black truck and staring down at him.

I extended my hand to him. As he went to get up and he took it while I muttered; “Are you alright?” I expected him to snap at me like he did before but he just nodded; “Yeah…I’m fine, Thanks.” He swiped gravel off his face and jeans. I blinked at him as he made his way to my porch, glancing over his shoulder to lock eyes with me. He tipped his head in the direction of the door.

I smiled; I didn’t think he would accept me that quickly after two years of nothing but a tragic game of hide and seek. Not that it mattered, he was here. I was here, and we both were okay.

Well, sort of…

I unlocked the door and held the door open for Sean; he rolled his eyes, a light smile noticeable on his face.  The moment he went inside, he was bombarded by my beautiful golden Labrador puppy, Chica. She was jumping up on him, lapping at his hands and face.

He smiled widely, but pain could be seen in his eyes as her paws repeatedly hammered his wounded shoulder. “Aye, Mark. Yeh’ never told me that ya’ got a dog!” He exclaimed through Chica’s assault. I shooed her away and closed the door answering him as blandly as I could; “Well, you were never around so there is that…” I immediately felt his glare on my shoulder and I bit my lip, locking the door.

“Well my bad, it’s not like I could y’know! I had cops on my arse, what do you want from me dammit?” He snapped suddenly full of that fiery energy and attitude that I had come to adore.

I turned to him, sighing softly as I spoke; “I want you to go back to normal…” That silenced him completely and his gaze found the floor. I shook my head while I placed a hand on his non wounded shoulder, nudging him forward a bit; “Come on, let’s get you patched up.”

I bit my lip as he took off his hoodie, listening to his hiss of pain when his hoodie didn’t move from his shoulders. The blood from his wound had dried and had gotten both his shirt and hoodie stuck to him. I was about to walk over and help him when I saw him take one of his many knives from his belt and cut his hoodie off of him. It didn’t damage the hoodie, which wasn’t what I was worried about.

Somehow Sean had managed to cut just between the wound and hoodie perfectly, severing them from each other. I walked over to him and examined the wound through his shirt, cringing at its depth and length. It was about 9 centimeters deep and I could just barely make out the bone of his shoulder blade beneath the dried blood. The incision was about an inch across, having opened wider through the running and tugging. It stretched all the way from the top of his right shoulder, along his ribs and to the center of his back.

I let out a sigh and he muttered; “How bad is it?” He questioned, glancing over his non wounded shoulder at me. I ran a hand through my hair and locked eyes with him; “Pretty Bad, but don’t worry I went to med school before I became an officer.” I didn’t miss that smirk that appeared on his face; “I know. I was there when you left for med school.” I let out a little chuckle at his matter-of-fact like statement. “Alright smart ass, go sit at the table so I can clean your cut out.” He rolled his icy eyes; “Alright, Ma’.”

I caught his cheeky smirk out the corner of my eye and let out another light chuckle. As I made my way to the bathroom I thought about how Sean really hasn’t changed all that much. To be honest, if I didn’t know he was a serial killer I would’ve just thought it was plain Ol’ Sean. I rummaged through the cabinets like a mad man that had gone a day without his medication in search of my medical kit, which I thought I’d left in the bathroom. I finally found the plastic case and grabbed the rubbing alcohol that was conveniently placed in the same spot the med kit was.

 I carried both in one hand while turning off the light with my free one. When I got back into the dining room I was surprised at the rather adorable view I had of Sean sitting of the ground petting Chica’s face and making a few cooing sounds. Her tail was wagging to the point that I could’ve sworn she’d end up flying away. “So, I take it you like dogs?” I smirked, leaning against the door frame. Sean looked up and he nodded lightly; “Of course, you know how I used to rant about wanting a dog or cat.” I simply shook my head and replied; “Yeah, you would go on for hours on end about wanting a cat but how you were allergic to them and shit like that.” I did a couple of hand movements while making my way over to him. He stood up and leaned on the table, raising a brow when I gestured for him to turn around.

“I need you to take off your shirt so I can get a better look at the wound.” In the second that I said that I realized just how unintentionally sexual it sounded.

A blush worked its way up onto my cheeks and Sean smirked, biting his lip as if he was trying to stop himself from breaking out into uncontrollable laughter. I heard a sigh from him and he whispered huskily; “First, take me out to dinner then we’ll talk about it.” He said, winking. My stomach did multiple back flips and my heart started to pound at that…

My god damn blush decided to burn brighter and I was thankful for the dim light of the room. Sean smirked at my sudden un-comfortableness. “I’m just fuckin’ with ya.” He made quick work of his black t-shirt.

Surprisingly, it didn’t get stuck on the wound like his hoodie did. Perhaps it was because he’d torn the wound open again and the shirt was now soaked in blood?

 Oh wait…Fuck. 

End Chapter Four,
     "No matter what you do, I'll still be there for you."
           Based off the song, "Never be alone" by TheFatRat.

And, the next chapter will be written In Sean's point of view :,D
   What the hell am I doing with my life...?

Jackie had two very odd habits, well; I thought they were odd anyway. Doll and Tony never really noticed them, but they always bothered me. I didn’t know why they bothered me so much, but they just did. I never said anything about them or questioned them for that matter. Well, like I said, nobody else really took any notice of them besides me.

She’d always stop everything she was doing at exactly 5:55 AM or PM. It didn’t matter which one it was but the time was always exactly 5:55 and it was unnerving. She’d just stop in the middle of the hallway or somewhere nowhere near the Grandfather Clock we had and just stare through the wall at it. It was kind of like she could see it through the wall or something and was just kind of staring it down through a wall or a door. I’ve seen this happen in person too, probably the weirdest shit I’ve seen by far.

I remember her walking down the hallway that leads from the kitchen to the dining room with plates in her hands, just like normal. I’d help her set the table for dinner and that’s how I saw it in the first place. You see, the Grandfather Clock that we had was in the living room which was only a door away from the dining room. I glanced down at the watch I had on at the time and it currently read 5:54 PM, so everything was going normally and how we had planned it too. Tony and Doll were sitting at the table at the time and were chatting about something while I took a seat across from them.

Now, because they had their backs turned to her they didn’t see what I saw. Jackie was walking behind them with a faint smile on her sickly pale face when she suddenly just froze. Everything just stopped for her, she didn’t move, she didn’t blink. The only thing that moved was her left hand, which was twitching violently. She just stood there, her right eye lid twitching a bit.

I blinked, for a split second...

My eyes found her face again and my heart lurched up into my throat as I felt the blood drain from my face. I hadn’t even looked away from her for a second… She was staring right at me, a grin sharper than razor blades plastered on her face and her monochrome like eyes wide; her pupils dilated into snake like slits. For a moment, I was terrified of the child I had raised. I didn’t blink this time, I couldn’t. I had a gut-wrenching feeling that if I blinked a second time…That she’d be standing over me with that crazed grin.

As quick as it happened, it was over.

She continued walking, making her way around the table and sitting next to me. She struck up a conversation casually, as if nothing happened at all. I couldn’t comprehend what had happened, nothing clicked at all. My heart was still pounding at the event that just took place behind my families back. I would’ve just played it off like an illusion or a trick of my mind…I would’ve…If I didn’t know that the thing that stared me dead square in the eye with the grin of a maniac wasn’t the child I raised. That wasn’t her. Everything about the thing I stared down was not her.

But, I started taking notice of this habit more and more and I paid more attention to it. I thought that whatever happened that night would happen again, but it never did. She’d just stop, turn her head to the wall and stare straight through it at that damned clock.

However, that was not the strangest habit she had.

This happened multiple times a day, all at three different times. 2:11 AM, 12:00 PM and 7:03 PM.

Again, nobody would pay any mind to these damned habits, and this has been happened within the first month of her living with us. It took my two years to officially notice these habits and now that I put more mind to them, they’re probably the strangest things I’ve ever seen so far. I still can’t believe that I’ve managed to keep up with all these times and dates. I’ve kind of been keeping a journal about these things, I know call me paranoid.

At exactly 12:00 AM, she’d stop what she was doing and walk off to the basement door. She’d never actually enter the basement, just stand there staring at the door. She never took any notice of the people around her while she stared and she’d occasionally knock on the door like she expected someone to open it.

It was always locked from the inside, and I had the key. It’s one of those doors that you need a key to open both sides type thing…

The basement lead to the laundry room so there wasn’t really anything of interest down there.

Or so I thought…

At two in the fucking morning, I woke up to get something to eat and happened to pass by the basement door. I stopped when I realized that it was wide open.

Okay, that was odd…

I went to close the door but I found myself staring into the darkened abyss that is the basement. I personally brushed this off as the wind having blown the door open. However that made no since because it was locked from the inside, so had would a draft have blown it open?

But uh anyway, I almost had heart attack just as I was about to close the door. I happened to look down the stairs that lead into a void of darkness and saw a pale face out of the corner of my eye. I gave it my full attention and I swore my heart stopped for a brief second. On the sixth stair of the basement stood Jackie.

Now, I normally wouldn’t have been startled by this if she wasn’t starring up at me with a look of pure malice and hatred. Her face was contorted into a smirk of pure glee; her incisors almost gleamed in the dim light of the basement. I could just barely make out a smear of blood that stretched up the length of her jawline and over her nose.

God, I think I’m going crazy... Because the second I blinked she disappeared, or well…just kind of vanished... I wanted to brush it off as a trick of the light or something more logical... But with the fuck ton of shit I’ve seen over these past few years, It wouldn’t surprise me If I was losing my mind.

Either way, every night at 2:11 AM she’d stand at the sixth basement stair and just kind of look out into the sea of darkness. Always the Sixth step, never the seventh or fifth. Hell, I don’t even know how she got down there without me noticing. When that door opens it’s squeaker than Tony’s voice after Inferno sexually harasses him. Yeah, I went there.

Now, the one that happened at 7:03 PM, December 12th of 2015 on a Saturday was a onetime thing. But, it still sends chills down my spine whenever I think about it.

It was an accident for the most part, but still. It’s something that I thought I should keep track of just to make sure that it didn’t happen again.

She was in her room, which was surprising. She never went up into her room, she always sat at the kitchen table and usually fell asleep there and Doll would give her a blanket. So, it was odd to go and knock on the door and get a reply. This is kind of how the conversation went;

“Hey, uh, Alexandra?”


“Are you feeling okay? I mean you never go up here…by yourself anyway.”

No reply.

“I know how you get when you’re alone, so I just wanted to check up on you.”

“I’m fine. Thank you.”

That was odd, considering she never said thank you unless someone held the door open for her or something deserving of a “thank you”.

“Oh…uh, dinners ready. I went ahead and cooked because I kind of thought you weren’t feeling well…”

No reply.

“Are you sure that you’re okay?”

That’s when I heard it. It sounded like four individual knives were running down the other side of the door creating a long scraping sound. It sent chills up my spine as the scraping came to a sudden stop.

I could’ve sworn I heard a light giggle come from the other side of the door.

I flinched back as there was a heavy bang from the other side. So much force was applied to the bang that the door actually chipped a little.

I heard someone come up the stairs and the sounds stopped abruptly, allowing me to breathe a sigh of relief.  Surprisingly, the person coming up the stairs was Doll. She looked genuinely concerned for me, and so was I.

When I looked back at the door, the split in the it was gone…

I think I’m losing my mind…

I’m not entirely sure that what I saw happened, but I think it does have something to do with Jackie’s habits…

I’ll keep an eye on her; she’s been acting weird lately.

Vince/Stalk, Tony, Doll/Silence belongs to-


So, With what I've let on so far for William and Edward's Characters, 
Which of these two are your favorites so far?

William or Edward?

I'm just curious so I can memorize whose POV's to write more often than the other. 
No Pressure.



Then, without much of a warning, Jack grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and started pulling me toward the back door. I knew for a fact the second raptor would be standing there, waiting for us. Would it be another one of my friends? At this rate, I had no honest clue.

He continued pulling me to the door, stopping once we got there. I exchanged a glance with him and he tipped his head in the direction of the wood framed door, gesturing for me to open it. I gulped and reached for the door knob, I had no clue whether this raptor would be as merciful as Jack or if this one happened to be one of my friends. I didn’t quite get a good look at it, considering that I was running for my life.

I opened the door, hearing a surprised shriek from the raptor behind it. I opened the door all the way to find that my entire back porch was wrecked. Claw marks stretched up and down the walls, tables and chairs had been knocked over. I would have been irritated had I not been intrigued at the same time. The second raptor was a light shade of violet, its underbelly a similar shade but slightly darker. It had flecks of white up and down its back and tail, stopping just behind its head and had a couple of flecks on the brim of its broader muzzle to top it off. There was a big difference between Jack and this raptor. I turned to Jack and exchanged a glance with the second raptor, almost unable to take my eyes off of its stunning pattern design and colors.

These were all abnormal color traits to have for dinosaurs. I’m no expert on dinosaurs, but I’m pretty sure that they’re not supposed to be purple and green.

“Okay…” I muttered to Jack, earning his attention at he turned to face me. He blinked, eyes locking with mine. It was so weird how he could understand me perfectly but be completely unable to say anything back.

I glanced at the second raptor which seemed a bit nervous, like they needed to go and it kept nudging Jack forward trying to get a move on with this train wreck. But I needed to know if I knew this raptor or not.

“Two taps for No and One tap for Yes.”

Jack nodded.

“Do I know this raptor?”

One tap.

“How many letters are in his name?”

Jack proceeded to tap his claw against the ground three distinct times.

I turned this over in my head for a few moments, glancing at the violet colored raptor a couple of times as I did so. A broad muzzle, thick hind legs, abnormally long tail, bright green eyes, three letters… (A/N) *Can you guess it?*

Then it clicked, this raptor was Bob. One of my other friends that I’d known for a long period of time.

“Bob!” I exclaimed and noted that he jumped and made a weird internal sound as I hugged him. Jack nodded and nudged me forward as if to get us walking. I was so happy to know that I knew this raptor, I would’ve had no clue what to do had he been someone else. Perhaps I wouldn’t have followed them as them began walking through the undergrowth. Trust is everything, and if I was going to follow two raptors that claimed to be my best friends, I had to know for certain.

But I didn’t have a chance to say anything too either of them as Bob and Jack suddenly broke into a run as a pained shriek echoed through the forest. Clearly panicked, I dart after them just barely keeping up with them.

It felt so natural running through the forest like this, I leaped over logs and upturned roots, never tripping or stumbling when I landed. I felt contempt with this, it felt so right. To be running beside to people I’d known to love and respect like family. The way that the undergrowth blurred out the corners of my eyes and the way the wind felt as if blasted through my hair was exhilarating. I just prayed that this wasn’t a dream or some fake reality. Jack glanced back at me, his icy eyes clouded with panic and fear.

I didn’t know who or what that sound belonged to, but they seemed to know. And that’s what made me nervous.

When we skidded to a halt, dust flying up into the air in  result of the sudden stop and my momentum from the run carried me forward a little. I choked on the dust and let out a cough, my breathing was heavy and my heart was racing. We were in the middle of a fern covered clearing, a stream flowing through the center peacefully. Smooth rocks that were whiter than crystal jutted up from the ground, giving the clearing a more surreal vibe. It felt peaceful here, and the only thing you could hear was the sound of water flowing.

That and the heavy breathing of raptors.

Jack was looking around desperately for something or someone, Bob having gone into the clearing and sniffing the ground as if looking for a scent of some kind. What could they have been looking for?

Just as I went to stand next to Jack, he let out an ear piercing shriek that echoed through the clearing and probably through the entire forest. Though it was loud enough to shatter a normal persons ear drums, I’ve had Jack screaming in my ears for almost three years now so I was used to it. Bob looked up from what he was doing and hissed at Jack, blinking in surprise when he heard a call not too far from the location they were in currently. I didn’t have time to react before they both sped off into the undergrowth, tails lashing out behind them.

I let out a sigh and started running with them again, that same thrilling feeling of running coming back to me again. It didn’t take long before we reached our destination. It was an old abandoned hospital; there were a lot of those in L.A. It was run down with overgrowing vines and tree branches attached to every window and wall. This place must have been really old. But, the other two didn’t seem to mind its diameter and walked right on into the building without much hesitation. When I made my way into the old medical facility I was horrified at the sight before us.

Three raptors with multiple different colored scales and patterns were surrounding something on the ground and they all looked up as they heard us walk in. Jack and Bob immediately made some odd internal noises before racing over to the thing on the ground. My curiosity overridden my common sense so I followed them. The raptors looked at me oddly as I looked down, my heart sinking into the pit of my stomach. A crimson red raptor with a black stripe from its reddish brown eyes all the way to the end of its tail tip was lying on its stomach, a bear trap closed firmly around its ankle. A small trail of crimson blood dribbling from the wound and into a small puddle on the ground underneath its leg. I recognized this raptor the moment we locked eyes and I let out a surprised; “Wade?” The raptor let out a huff and turned away from me, making a small internal sound of acknowledgement. I glanced at the bear trapped than scanned the facing of the raptors that were staring at me, almost pleadingly. Now I realized why they had brought me out here, why they were so worried and why they sent Bob and Jack to come and get me.

Wade was stuck, and was probably going to die here if nothing was done. 

I felt a spark of determination, all eyes were on me.

I had to do this, now.

I rolled up the sleeves of my shirt scooting closer to Wade’s leg. I grabbed either side of the rusted old bear trapped and began pulling. The metal was rusted from old age which made it almost impossible to pull apart. But I continued anyway, the spiked edges of the trap assaulted my hand violently and began tearing the skin as I pulled. I couldn’t let them down now! I huffed and threw everything I had into my upper body strength. I heard the trap creak and I was painfully aware of the blood that was oozing from my hands. I felt all pairs of eyes on me, giving me the determination to continue no matter how much it hurt.

I felt the trap creak and suddenly snap open, leaving Wade to scramble away kicking up dirt in the process. The moment I let go of the trap it snapped shut, leaving me to fall back onto my back panting heavily. My arms felt like noodles as I lay on my back, trying to catch my breath. I heard the raptors around me making odd clicking noises with one another. Communicating in a language I couldn’t quite understand. But, either way I’d managed to free my friend from the jaws of death. Literally.

When I finally got my breath back I looked over at Wade’s wound.

There was a slit in his ankle, about the same width of a pencil but it looked deep. The incision was rough around the edges and it looked like it may have struck bone. That didn’t surprise me; usually the skin around the ankle area for a raptor would be thin and easy to cut. Their thin skin helped them move quicker with very little effort required. Their small frames and thin layers of skin is what allows them move quickly and jump at something from a distance.

Raptors really were the most interesting dinosaurs that ever walked the face of the earth.

I watched as the crimson red raptor attempted to get up, only to stumble and fall headlong into the ground. Bob leaned over Wade and nudged his side, but he didn’t budge. I let out a sigh; we may as well do something. I looked over the three other raptors, recognizing them almost immediately.

The first one I took notice of was the almost bleached white reptilian. Its scales were so white that it almost glowed in the dark. The Blood red smears up and down its back and neck made it look like it had gone through a flame and burned its back heavily. Its eyes were dark brown; tinged with red much like mine except the iris had a bright yellow circle around it. This was Aaron Ash, or Yamimash the British Youtuber that enjoyed tea way too much for his own good.

There was a dark blue one, leaning over Wade’s body and making some clicking sounds with its tongue. It had a very complicated pattern and the colors were almost hypnotizing. It was a pretty shade of blue gray with a white jagged pattern almost in the shape of a lightning bolt all the way down its back with a lighter blue following the white down its back and tail. Its eyes looked a lot like Jack’s, just with a darker admiral shade. Why did Felix or Pewdiepie have to be so complicated with everything?

When my eyes came to the last raptor I was actually surprised by how normal it looked…I mean, I’ve never seen a raptor in real life other than now but I’m pretty sure raptors aren’t green, blue, purple or red. I kind of thought that they’d be gray and brown. This is exactly what this raptor was.

It was a shade of dark brown with a sand brown color of sand brown on its spine. The only thing that looked strange about this dinosaur was a bear hat with long arms that rested atop its rather broad head. If I had to guess this was Ken or Cinnamontoastken.

Now that I took a proper look at all of them, I realized that Jack was the only one with a very slim body type. Well, when they were human he was always the smaller of our little friend group back this really does put things in perspective. Well at least now he was the same height as the others.

I blinked, realizing that we needed to help Wade out before he bleeds out into the dirty old tile floors.

I cleared my throat, earning the attention of everyone in the room, including poor ol’ Wade who still couldn’t get up.

“Alright, I know you all can understand me and I know who you all are no need for introductions.” I exchanged a knowing glance with Jack before continuing.

“I can’t understand exactly what you all are saying, so I have Jack here to kind of translate things…Well, Sort of…Anyway, we need to help Wade out because as we all can see he’s a bit hurt.”

Wade snorted as if to say; “A bit hurt?”

I looked around and nodding, deciding on who to send out.

“Felix and Ken, search the second floor for any bandages and anything that we might be able to use to help Wade’s leg. Watch out for collapsing beams and nails. And please, be mindful of the floor. It’s old and could give in whenever it pleased.”

Felix and Ken exchanged a glance with one another and made a few high pitched squeaks before speeding off to a flight of stairs casting a glance downward at the tile floor. I realized just how natural it felt to be giving out orders to a pack like this. I felt good about it, I felt like I was doing the right thing by handing out orders.

I glanced over at Aaron who looked a bit shaky at the thought of wandering around in a hospital all by himself, because it was obvious that I was going to tell Bob to stay with Wade. I wasn’t going to let him look around by himself so I nodded to Jack and muttered; “Could you go with Yami to check the basement? I know it might be a bit dangerous and I don’t want him going down there on his own.”

Jack blinked at me and tapped his claw once as if to say; “Yes” or “Okay.” He went to Aaron’s side and nudged him forward with his muzzle encouragingly.

I heard the sound of claws tapping on the tile flooring as they walked away and I called after them; “Hurry back!”

I turned to Bob who was staring at me with an impressed look on his face.

“Stay Here with Wade, I’m going to go and check the corridors. Try to keep him awake, if he blacks out he might not wake up.”

Bob nodded, his expression changing to one of determination.

I let out a shaky sigh,

I was made for this. I was made for leading a pack. 


Tony and Inferno by AlexandraInsanity
Tony and Inferno
Inferno Is Alexandra/Jackie's Evil counterpart. He enjoys violently flirting with other males, mostly Tony and is very narcissistic. 
Yeah, it's a "He"
Yea! I finally made a male character that's here to stay rather than killed off the second I make them because I can't keep track of them!

Le sigh...
Where the hell are Silence and Stalk when ya need them? 
Alexandra don't give a shit, she's watching this happen actually.

Two Fun Facts!

01) All of Inferno's eye colors have been all of the eye colors Alexandra has had in the past.
02) His saliva is very acidic, meaning it burns through flesh very easily. So, not exactly someone you want to kiss.

(c) 1InsaneSilence1 
Tony- 1InsaneSilence1 

This Slut belongs to me...
Inferno- Me
(c)Art Me.

Jacksepticeye F@#k this I'm out Oh Hi JACK! -Jacksepticeye Free2use 

This is just a little thing that is sort of a piece of William and Edward (Antisepticeye and Darkiplier's) HUMAN backstory...Er, enjoy!

Some people say that when you lose someone or something dear to you that you need to get over it. Others will show you pity in the form of “I’m sorry for your loss” or “I hope you can recover soon.”

It’s honestly pathetic.

You can say you’re sorry and spill your pity like a pigs organs, but how much is that going to change?




Words don’t bring people back into your arms or back to life for that matter.

Humans are petty, selfish creatures. They seem to believe that pitying someone will make them feel better about something or someone.

It’s hard to believe that I was once human.

It’s revolting knowing that I once walked beside them…

They use the saying; “Everyone is different” but to be honest, never have I ever stumbled across someone who doesn’t drink, who doesn’t smoke, or who doesn’t go to parties and get absolutely wasted in the middle of a school week a day before a test.

I speak from experience, ‘because I used to share a room with a literal party animal. I say “literal” because this guy usually dressed up as a dog or some form of canine with a collar and everything and just ran off to someone’s party. He had some really um…”Kinky” habits.

It was disgusting.

However, he was different.

He actually paid attention to the classes and courses he took and was an A+ student because of it. Like me. He actually worked rather than running off to parties or getting stoned with some low life people that like to refer to themselves to you as “friends.”

He was a good kid, he never did really anything wrong. He had an attitude that would flare every now and then but that’s what made him well…him. He was a bit shy, and for the most part very anti-social. He was considered a “weirdo” by his fellow classmates because he never talked to anyone.

But once you get him started on a subject that he really liked it was almost impossible to get him to shut up. I guess that’s why we fit together like two puzzle pieces to a different type of board game. Let’s just say I had a smart mouth.

I was the “outcast” of the collage we went to. You would think that people mature with age, but that only applies to some people. Again, we were in a really bad place at a really bad time.

Like I was saying, I was the outcast. The type of person that snapped at everyone for attempting to speak with me. I was really out in front about almost everything. Needless to say, I got into a lot of fights. I never really did back down from any of them and I always won. Also, needless to say I didn’t have any friends... Mostly because everything about me kind of scared everyone away, so that didn’t really surprise me.

What did surprise me was when he came up to me. He was shy about it, but he asked if I was willing to work on a project with him.

It wasn’t that I was surprised about the project; it was more or less that he willingly came up to me and asked about it.

Either he was an idiot, or I just didn’t threaten him.

And ever since then we just kind of stuck together like glue. We had a lot of the same interests like video games, space, and music. Mostly music for him and video games for me.

He opened up to me a lot and I did the same. It turns out, he has trust issues. He’s scared of trusting someone again because of this really tragic thing that happened to him. I say tragic because that just seems like the proper word to fit in that slot. He told me about having a friend that he’d known for three years turn around and literally stab him in the back. He even showed me the scar…

He didn’t go into detail about it because he started choking up, but I didn’t pressure him to continue the story. But I could understand why that would cause you to have trust issues. But I promised I’d never ever do that to him.

And He believed me.

I was really open with him because I trusted him with every fiber of my being. He promised he wouldn’t leave my side and that he’d wait for me somewhere if he did.

Y’know that saying;

“All good things must come to an end?”

I knew him for five years.

His name was William Tainted Iris and I was Edward Locke Dark.

And we were the best of friends, even in death.

So when family members text me and ask “Will you be okay without him?” I’ll frown and turn back to the note I’m writing, my fingers tracing the pistol on the table beside me longingly while replying;

“He’ll wait for me.”


This song deserves more credit than it's given-



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I enjoy drawing and sketching Digital Art.

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