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So because I can't poll because I am not a Core Member, I'll ask this here and I would like everyone's answer on this but you really don't have to;
Let's say Edward and William DID have children...What batch of names would you prefer?
(A) Winston, Benjamin, and Sebastian.
(B) Wilson, Link, and Jake.
(C) Dominic, Levi, and Liam.

Disclaimer: Tyler belongs to GamerGirlwithabox 

-William's Point of View-
Chapter Four,
"Are you there?"

Next thing I knew I was pushing through a crowd of people who were going the opposite direction I was, my head was reeling and my stomach felt like it was tearing itself apart from the inside.

I stumbled into people absentmindedly; my head…It felt like all of Hell had broken loose on the inside of my skull and like demons were slamming against it in a futile attempt to break free...

Why did I say those things to him? It wasn’t his fault; I know what addiction does to people. He’s stubborn; he must have thought he could fix it himself.

I staggered, my legs, they felt numb. My body, it was involuntarily twitching…I was…I was…

Maybe if I had been more attentive, if maybe I had noticed his sleeping habits and the way he acted…Maybe he would be okay…Maybe we would be okay.

The voices of the students around me made me feel like I’d been submerged under the iciest water, their voices were distorted and a horrible ringing had started growing increasingly louder and louder.

I love him, I do, and I know I do…He loves me to, that’s why he didn’t want me getting involved…

A hand rested on my shoulder and I looked up to find a guy, his name…his name was Tyler, I think…

I shouldn’t have snapped…I shouldn’t have done what I did…

His steady hand on my shoulder made me realize just how much my body was shaking. He was saying something to me, a concerned look on his face.

Why was I so angry with him, he was just trying to help us…

My head…The ringing, it was so loud now…

What if something happens to him and I’m not around to save him…?

My legs suddenly gave in on me and I collapsed onto my side.

Does he still love me…?

My body was having horrible convulsions, my stomach burned, the ringing…The damn ringing…

Where is he now…? Where are you?

Tyler dropped down beside me, a look of absolute horror on his face. Students stopped to watch what was happening and Tyler appeared to be calling for help. A second person hovered over me. A comforting presence, one all too familiar to me picked me up and held me close. Chocolate brown eyes, reddened around the whites stared down at me with an expression of terror. He reached a hand up and touched my face in a loving gesture. 


He was saying something to me with a panicked look on his face, but I couldn't hear him. I felt warm and comforted in his arms.
His presence, it drowned out the ringing in my ears and for a moment, just for a moment I heard him say;
"H-hang In there Will, I've got you, don't worry, it's alright...It's alright."

I could only guess why he was reassuring me, 
I was having a seizure and he was trying to calm me down so I didn't hurt myself or somebody around me.
"Will, love, it's going to be okay...just try to breathe."

Then I realized that I couldn't. I couldn't breathe. And with that realization I began gasping for air but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get any air to my lungs.

I couldn’t control any of my movements anymore, I was twitching uncontrollably. I couldn't breathe, I felt numb, there was no taste in my mouth, my head felt like a bomb about to explode at any second...
Was I dying...?

A burning sensation filled my lungs and I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head.
The next thing I knew everything went black,
All I heard was silence.

Chapter Four.
"Are you there?" 
Based off the song, "Faded" By Alan Walker.

Prologue: -Psychosis- Edward and William's Story-Prologue
Chapter One: -Psychosis- Chapter One
Chapter Two: -Psychosis- Chapter Two
Chapter Three: -Psychosis- Chapter Three


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